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Scented Body Mist Sample Size Gift Set

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  • The perfect gift for scent lovers.
  • Travel sizes for those who love to want to take scents with them.
  • Great for layering your scents with body butters.

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Offering Scented Body Mist as Gifts in Sample Sizes

Fragrant gifts are always a great idea, especially if they’re natural fragrances. By using a select group of essential oils known throughout the ages for their beneficial effects on moods and attitudes, we’ve designed, just for YOU, a remarkable group of aromatherapy blends.


Caress your senses and enjoy tranquil surroundings in this sophisticated lavender wood complex. Violet, Lily, and Sweet Amber add velvety softness and subtle naturalness.


A warm, passionate, oriental bouquet. The heart of this sensuous fragrance blends Bulgarian Rose, White Gardenia, Sweet Jasmine, and elegant Ylang Ylang.


The initial impression is of succulent fruits, evolving into a floral treasure trove. The dominant base note is Vanilla, while Sandalwood and Musk complete this enchanting fragrance. Named in honor of my cousin, Leah.

Pineapple Coconut

A tropical breeze, an ocean view, and a virgin Pina Colada inspired the creation of this light and airy blend.


Invoking the goddess within. Inspired by Orisha Oshun, bronze silky smooth skin, full lips, broad hips, A Diva from way back-HON-NEE.

Romantic Moments

An invitation for two people to bring themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually into a deep level of honesty, trust, and intimacy. Base notes of Vanilla setting the foundation of sweetness, with heart notes of Gardenia.

Note:  At this time the Pandemic is limiting some supplies.  Therefore, boxes may not always be like the ones photographed.

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