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Natural Black Skin Care Sample Kit for Men

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  • Formulated especially for your skin to Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Exfoliate
  • 3 simple steps morning and night
  • Conveniently designed for travel needs


Natural Black Skin Care Sample Kit for Men

It is still a common perception: skin creams are for women; ‘real men’ don’t touch the stuff. The truth is, men have groomed their skin with lotions and potions for millennia. Natural black skin care products for men have a long history. From as early as 7000BC, Egyptians used the fatty oils from olives and sesame to make skin grooming products for men.

We’re continuing this grooming practice by offering a Natural Black Skin Care Sample Kit for our Men. More often than not, men’s products cover beard and shaving needs and your skin in general is ignored. We’ve taken care of this for you.

A simple three step process for daily use and an exfoliant for dead skin cell removal twice a week. A Green Tea Cleanser, Rosewater Toner ( that serves as a great after shave treatment) and the Antioxidant Face Cream to moisturize your skin. The Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub is not for beard use. Those little wax beads will take forever to remove them from your facial hair.

Disclaimer : While results may vary from person to person, this area allows clients like you to give us your honest and heartfelt opinions of our products. Nyraju Skin Care does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made in this section. We do not compensate our clients for any opinions expressed in this section.

The Green Tea Facial Cleanser will be the first item used. Squeeze about a nickels worth into your hand and apply to your face and neck. Allow it to remain on your face while you brush your teeth or at least 5 minutes. Then remove it with a warm cloth. It is not a detergent based cleanser so you will not see suds. (Morning and night)

Rosewater Toner – Wet a cotton ball or square, squeeze out the excess water and add a spritz or two of rosewater toner to it. Rub gently across your face and neck. Works great as an after shave product.

Antioxidant Face Cream - put a pinky finger nails worth in the palm of your hand. Take index finger and put a dot on your forehead, cheeks, neck and chin. From your neck up, rub the cream into your skin in an upward motion. Do not use a lot of this product. A little goes a long way, it is a very rich cream. (Night only - Dry skin requires morning and night time use)

Jojoba Facial Scrub - about a dimes worth in the palm of your hand. Apply it with your fingers to neck and face. Gently massage your neck and face for about 2 minutes, let it set for about 2 minutes and then remove with a warm cloth until you remove all the wax beads. Follow up with Rosewater Toner and Moisturizer. (Twice a week, if schedule permits, make the facial scrub part of your morning regimen, if not night time if fine)

Do not use in beards, the jojoba wax beads will be challenging to remove from facial hair.

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