Beauty and The Black Girl, 5 Ways To Great Winter Skin

Beauty and The Black Girl, 5 Ways To Great Winter Skin


Beauty and the Black girl. Are you wanting great skin during the winter season? Whether it's your face or your body, your skin will need special attention as the temperature cools down. Let's take a look at five of those needs.

5 Ways You Can Have Great Looking Skin During the Winter Season.

1. Use a Cream Based Cleanser - Creams have a way of hydrating and moisturizing your skin while enhancing your beauty. That is, as long as they're formulated for melanated skin. Ingredients will play a major roll in the benefits you get. Green tea and lactic acids are excellent ingredients to have in your black skin care products.

2. Moisturize Daily - Yes you will need to moisturize your skin. My choice would be to have you use a product that contains  especially for your face. When combined with wheatgerm oil or other vegetable oils, it can provide you with a protective layer that will ward off the onslaught of Mother Nature and her winds.

Your body can benefit from the use of Shea, cocoa and mango butters to keep it soft as a baby's bottom. Some of you like and choose petroleum based products for your body.

I don't recommend products that are petroleum based for your skin. Instead of using petroleum based products, look for or create your own oil based moisturizers for your skin. Olive oil, castor oil and safflower oil are somewhat heavy oils. Try blending them together and come up with the right consistency for your skin. They are less likely to clog your pores than a petroleum based product. They will feel oh so good as well.

3. Drink More Water. - Yes, you will need to hydrate from within. You already know that beauty of your skin takes place from the inside out. Water has a way of keeping the pipes clean. Your colon track needs and appreciates water removing waste buildup within its structure.

The buildup or sludge can cause serious challenges if not moved through within a timely manner. Good clean water … purified, spring, distilled or alkaline … will play an important role in the beauty of your skin.

Please don't substitute teas and juices for water. The more water you drink, the less you'll want sugary drinks and the better your skin will look. Did you know that sugar dehydrates your body?

4. Keep Your Showers/Baths Warm and Short - Hot showers can actually dry your skin out. As comforting as it feels to immerse yourself into a hot tub to relax and relieve stress, it's not good for winter skin.

Warm showers and baths are better for your skin. Avoid soaps as well. They can be drying for your skin. Instead, use a moisturizing cleanser that's been formulated for the body. Products for face and body are completely different, so make sure you don't cross the streams, so to speak, and use body products on your face.

Your body will need an after bath/shower moisturizer as well. As dark skinned beauties, you have a love affair with oils. Winter skin care offers you an opportunity to create or use oil blends that will take care of dry, ashy skin and give it a beautiful glow.

Always apply your oils right after you shower or bath. Your moist skin will help absorb the oils and provide you with soft, smooth sexy feeling skin.

5. Don't Forget the Rest of Your Body …

Most of you will think primarily of your face. Please don't forget the rest of you. This is especially a reminder for your feet and hands.

Your hands stand a better chance than any other part because you use them all day long. Dry hands are not pretty. You can always have a hand cream to take care of that.

However, you feet, will likely be forgotten until March. It's better to keep your feet in the loop of your head to toe skin care regimen. It makes it easier for you to step out of boots and into open toe shoes. If you neglect this rule, you'll be scrubbing for a month to remove the dead skin buildup that has accumulated on your feet. Just sayin …

Take your beauty into your own hands and nurture your skin during the winter months.

That's it for this week. As always …

Dedicated to Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


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