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How To Use Essential Oils For Natural/Afro Textured Hair Care

How To Use Essential Oils For Natural/Afro Textured Hair Care 

Natural/Afro Textured Hair has Unique Problems: Dryness ... Breakage… Thinning …


Natural/Afro textured hair can have challenges of dryness, thinning and breakage. Transform your  dry, thinning and hair breakage into healthy hair and a healthy scalp. 

 Afro Textured/Natural Hair, Really Does Looks Good On You!

Interestingly enough, I've written a book that speaks to the beauty, history and care for your natural/afro textured hair.

Want To Learn More About Natural/Afro Textured Hair?

Healthy hair … a healthy scalp… and a natural way of caring for it.

Your kinky, curly, coiled hair has a magnificent history and we want you to celebrate it. African American/African hair is curly hair. Some of you have loose curls, while others, have more tightly coils or kinks. 

The composition of all hair types is identical, but the curliness of African American/African hair makes it more elastic and more susceptible to breakage.

You’ve had and still have many questions:

  • What makes my hair unique? 
  • Why does my hair need to be cared for differently from other people’s hair?
  • Is Afro Textured/Natural hair hard to care for?

"Many of You Accepted All the Ugly Stories About Your Hair Too Easily."

You were told:

Natural/Afro Textured Hair is ugly … You need to relax those naps…. Nappy hair is not in style. These were Black Folk telling you these lies. They believed the Hype from “other” folks.

Those days are over!

Your dark and textured hair has the highest concentration of melanin and absorbs all wavelengths of light and energy. 

Consequently, The Egyptians believed your hair has the most potential to receive Maat; the power that morally and justly balances and orders the universe.

Could this be why you’ve been taught that your hair was not beautiful? Could this be why hair care products have done more harm than good to your kinks, curls and coils?

Even though hair care products have improved, many still have harmful chemicals. 

It’s time You learned about a different alternative ...

Instead, we want you to choose natural products that nourish, strengthen and improve hair health. Essential oils are known to do just that.

Introducing A New eBook….

Essential Oils for Afro Textured Hair

How to Nurture, Replenish and Grow it Using Them

  • This ebook discusses how essential oils can assist you and which choices are best for your unique hair. 
  • You’ll learn about carrier oils and the ones best used for hair and scalp care.
  • Of course, you’ll find Safety Precautions for using essential oil.
  • You’ll receive tips to assist you, so you can keep your hair in excellent condition. 
  • There are recipes that you can try.
  • You’ll even find information on the importance of Nutrition when caring for your hair.

There’s so much more to learn about essential oils for natural/afro textured hair.

Looking for a natural alternative to care for your afro textured hair?  Essential Oils can help you do that.

It becomes easier when you have guidance along the way…

"Essential Oils for Afro Textured Hair: How to Nurture, Replenish and Grow it Using Them",  will act as a guide as you learn about essential oils and how to use them as a natural alternative for your hair.

A lot of the information you need for healthier-looking hair and scalp care is in this ebook.

It can be yours for a small investment of $9.99

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"Essential Oils for Afro Textured Hair: How to Nurture, Replenish and Grow it Using Them" 

Think about it …

How important is having a healthy head of hair and scalp to you?

Written exclusively for Black Women and Men, who want to learn how essential oils and carrier oils can aid in caring for their kinky, curly, and coiled hair.

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As always ...

Dedicated to Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


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