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8 oz Lemon Spice Body Butter Scrub

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  • Gently and effectively removes dead skin cells
  • softens and smooths your beautiful black skin
  • Nourishes and replenishes moisture
  • Packed with natural ingredients and essential oils

Natural Body Butter Scrub For African American Skin

There is nothing more wonderful than a super moisturizing whipped butter scrub. A luxurious combination of Shea butter, turbinado sugar, essential oils and sea salt set the base for this beautiful scrub.

When you don't use this body butter scrub, you'll experience dull, ashy, grey skin.

Use it in the bath or shower to exfoliate and smooth skin to a beautiful shine. 

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How To Use: The Lemon Spice Body Butter Scrub - Use this product 1-2 times a week at night. Because of the Lemongrass, it is photosensitive and will cause trauma to your skin if you go out into the bright morning sun.

The best way to use this is to step into your bathtub, no water. Take a bit onto your finger tips and begin to gently massage the product onto your shoulders, chest, arms … working your way down to your feet, covering every inch of your body front and back. As you massage your skin, you will feel the jojoba wax beads and sea salt against your skin. Be gentle, you are not scrubbing your floor or pots and pans.

When you've covered your entire body with the scrub, run your tub with warm water, sit in it and enjoy the water. Take the water to your shoulders, arms, neck … and rinse the excess product off your skin. Use a washcloth to remove any remaining scrub from your body.

You will not need to moisturize at this point, however, you will get a good nights sleep and you'll love the way your skin feels.

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