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Body Butters Sample Gift Box for Black Skin Care

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  • Creamy butters to moisturize your skin
  • Scented for your pleasure
  • The perfect gift for a real scent lover

Beauty-In-A-Box, Body Butter Sample Gift Box for Beautiful Black Skin

Body Butter's whipped into creamy smoothness, with just enough additional ingredients to insure a uniform texture, from the moment you first open the jar until you eke out that last little dab in the corner.

This Beauty-In-A-Box of Body Butters offers Six (6) scents in a blend of Shea butter and mango butter to soften and help nourish your skin.

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to try scent blends. Everyday the recipient will have a new aroma to work with.

Note:  At this time the Pandemic is limiting some supplies.  Therefore, boxes may not always be like the ones photographed.

Not sure of what scent your friend or family member likes best. Here are Six scents for them to sample. The Body Butter Sample Kit makes a great gift item and offers a way to sample the scents before determining which gives them the best aromatic experience. Once worn the recipient can determine which they like best. We look forward to sending them their favorite in a full size container.

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